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Named one of the "30 Under 30" broadcasters by Edison Media Research.


We are...

...the voice of

89.1 The Spirit, a Christian Top 40 in Cedar Rapids, IA

(click here to listen live)

...the voice of


...the voice of

the MTV News Daily Video Podcast. Available on iTunes


And we've also been on:

MTV Radio Network Worldwide
Vh1 Radio Network Worldwide
WDRQ Detroit, MI
KCHZ Kansas City, MO
WZAT Savannah, GA
WIOG Saginaw, MI
KCXR Tulsa, OK
WAYG Grand Rapids, MI
WAYK Kalamazoo, MI
WTWR Toledo, OH
MTV Radio on XM New York, NY
Vh1 Radio on XM New York, NY
WSDP Plymouth, MI
WWRR Scranton, PA
MTV Hits Podcasts New York, NY
Vh1 Hip Hop Honors New York, NY



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